Fricke Container


For Wilhelm Fricke GmbH für Landtechnik, D:4 erected advertising facilities in Heeslingen in the form of a container sculpture.

The sculpture is composed of six sea containers arranged on three levels, which primarily serve as an advertising facility, but also offer space for exhibition objects and storage rooms. The exhibition containers each have two glass fronts, creating a vitrine-like body that merges with the advertising containers to form a figure. The storage containers are painted and stacked with the others offset to each other. They can be used as storage space for garden tools or technology.
Three historical tractors from the client's collection are shown as exhibits in the exhibition containers.
The storage container at the height of the 3rd level and the storage container on the 1st level to the right can also be used as advertising containers. The long sides of the 20 foot containers are painted and illuminated with the company logo, so that the sculpture stands out from the landscape through colouring and lighting.