Day care center of the Andreas church community


D:4 is planning the construction of a new integration daycare center in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

Project idea
Based on the 2018/2019 feasibility study conducted by D:4 on the Schlitzer Straße site, the Ev. Andreas church congregation has decided to build a new daycare center on its property in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

The new daycare center is to accommodate a total of just under 60 children in four groups on two floors under a distinctive multi-folded roof. A spacious garden, screened from the street, with various play areas for romping, climbing, digging and retreating complements the interior spaces. On the first floor, there will be a group room and an adjoining group room with an associated toilet and checkroom wing for the under-threes. In addition, further functional units such as a staff room and the management office as well as a kitchen and technical areas will be located here.

Three units for over-threes are planned for the upper floor. Each unit is equipped with a group and adjoining group room as well as WC facilities and checkrooms. A multi-function room is also planned. A special feature of the pedagogical orientation is the inclusion of children on the autism spectrum. The structural foundations as well as the equipment of the rooms are tailored to the requirements of the children and caregivers.

To finance the construction, the federal government approved the application for daycare funding submitted by D:4 and promised to finance the new daycare places. Further subsidies from the areas of sustainability and renewable energies are currently being acquired. The Reinickendorf church district is also participating in the financing.

The project is currently in the execution planning phase.

In the planning of the new building, D:4 is focusing on sustainability. The two-story daycare center is to be built using a wood-hybrid construction method that makes extensive use of wood studs and solid wood. Lossen Ingenieure is responsible for the structural design; the carpentry firm Arche Naturhaus GmbH is in charge of implementation.

Not only should the material and construction be highly resilient and deconstructible and free of metal, but existing materials such as bricks from the demolished church that previously stood on the site are reused. Instead of having the used bricks cleared away as construction debris, D:4 advocated for recycling the bricks and had them secured. Now, almost 4,000 bricks are stacked weatherproof on pallets, waiting to be reused as walls, path edgings and the like in the future landscaping of the daycare center under construction.