Feasibility study after-use New Apostolic Church (NAC)

Berlin-Mariendorf and Berlin-Marienfelde

As the crow flies, two properties belonging to the New Apostolic Church (NAC) of the Berlin-Brandenburg-South district are less than four kilometers apart: one is located in Mariendorf, the other in Marienfelde. The buildings of the respective congregations date from different decades; the church building in Marienfelde was erected in 1928, while the one in Mariendorf dates from 1962. D:4 Architektur has been commissioned with a feasibility study on the subsequent use.

The architectural office with a lot of expertise in this field will make the assessment of the structural condition of the properties as well as the identification of development opportunities on the site. Following the inventory analysis and the potential analysis, D:4 will develop ideas on how the properties can be used sustainably.