Roof trusses of the church of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK)


D:4 is entrusted with the inventory and damage assessment of the roof trusses and a feasibility study for the housing and PV system of the church in Annenstraße in Berlin-Mitte.

The congregation belongs to the church district of Berlin-Brandenburg of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church(SELK). To this day, the listed church has no name, but is unofficially called "Annenkirche" due to its location.

In 1835 the congregation of Berlin-Mitte was founded, in 1857 the sacral building in Annenstraße was consecrated. The building, made of dark red bricks, was based on plans by the architect Hermann Blankenstein. The church originally had two annexes, the western schoolhouse and the eastern rectory, but the western wing was destroyed during the Second World War. The parsonage, i.e. the eastern wing, has been preserved. The listed ensemble also includes a residential house in the courtyard.

For this assignment, the D:4 employees climb high up and deal intensively with the roof of the ensemble, more precisely: with the historic roof trusses. D:4 Architektur is responsible for recording the existing condition and damage to the roof trusses. In addition, the office, which is experienced in monument issues, has been commissioned to prepare feasibility studies on the questions of whether the roof is suitable for a photovoltaic system and whether residential space can be gained in the roof of the house in the courtyard.